Updates to Biblical Metadata Files

I recently published several updates to the files listed on the downloads page. These files link directly to the GitHub repository, where you can find my comments or make your own contributions. Here’s a rundown of what changed:

  1. Book divisions – There is a new field grouping books by major divisions such as Pentateuch, Historical, Gospels, etc.
  2. Writers – This file now links writers to individual chapters rather than listing a primary writer for an entire book. Several of these are ambiguous, so I assigned them based on my own research and judgment. I plan to write more about these decisions in a later post.
  3. Topics – the previous topic list was a mashup of topical indexes by Nave and Torrey. I have removed Nave’s topics to avoid confusing redundancy.
  4. Place Marks – several latitude and longitude points have multiple names over time. This new file includes only unique coordinates and the place name that appears most often in the Bible.
  5. OSIS referencess – The Books and Verse tables now have fields conforming to OSIS specifications. OSIS is the Open Scripture Reference Standard used by many other applications.
  6. Formatting changes – I’m automating some of my data update processes. Ensuring every field is enclosed in quotation marks helps me manage that automation.
  7. Error corrections – Unfortunately, errors sometimes happen. There were a few people erroneously assigned to Jesus’ Genealogy in the PeopleGroups file. I have corrected those.


I have not updated the dashboards on this site with all of the new data. That will happen along with some other design changes I have planned.

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