The name “MetaV” is short for “Metadata Version.” The corresponding word in Hebrew (מיטב) means “the best.” It began as a database linking each word in the Bible with details about people, places, periods of time, topics, and more. After years of collecting and formatting centuries worth of publicly available scholarship, it now takes the form of a visual explorer that pulls these elements together on a single dashboard.

See a map, timeline, and main subjects while reading a passage without flipping back and forth between resources. Highlight the genealogy of Jesus or the tribes of Israel. Then tab over to see every book and chapter laid out chronologically. MetaV is the most dynamic, deeply connected online Bible study tool available and it will only get better from here.

I encourage everyone to keep track of ongoing developments by following the blog, connecting through social networks (||), or subscribing to the e-mail list. If you have ideas, prayers, encouragement or questions you can get in touch using the contact form.

About the developer

Robert Rouse is an engineer-turned-data geek who has worked with data sets ranging from weather history to heavy equipment maintenance, corporate financials, utility markets, industrial operations, and more. While working with emerging business intelligence technologies, he began developing a vision for how these tools could apply to biblical studies. MetaV combines his passion for all things “data” with his love for studying and communicating what God’s words can teach us.