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MetaV was built using data obtained from those who have generously shared it with others.  In that same spirit, it is re-shared below along with source attribution and original licensing details where applicable.


All files below are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 license.  All I ask is that you let me know when you use it.  If you have suggestions for additional sources or questions about the data, please contact me.

BookAliases.csv 7 KB Correlates all known book titles and abbreviations to a specific book ID
Books.csv 4 KB Standardizes all Bible book names with a given numerical ID
CrossRefIndex.csv 15.5 MB Compilation of cross references obtained from R.A. Torrey’s Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (Public Domain). Duplicate cross-references have been excluded.
MainIndex.csv 74.7 MB The main index associating the various tables in this database with individual words. Text used: 1769 Cambridge Edition of the King James Version (also known as the Authorized Version). Tags with references to deity are provided with permission from Bible Analyzer’s AVp module.
People.csv 124 KB Listing of all people in the Bible and key facts about them. this is a mashup of data found at complete-bible-genealogy.com and www.marshallgenealogy.org/bible. Name spelling has been updated to match the source bible text.
PeopleAliases.csv 46 KB All known aliases by which a person is referred.
PeopleGroups.csv 17 KB Groups to which individuals in the People table belong.
PeopleRelationships.csv 165 KB All known relationships between biblical people. Note: “Father” may refer to a more distant ancestor.
PlaceAliases.csv 23 KB All names by which a particular place is referred.
Places.csv 64 KB All identifiable places mentioned in the bible. Locations may be approximate. Source: openbible.info/geo (Creative Commons Attribution License). Place references in time periods prior to Noah’s Flood have been removed.
PlaceMarks.csv 19 KB Unique Latitude/Longitude coordinates from the Places table, labeled according to the most commonly used name for that place.
Strongs.csv 2.6 MB Strong’s Concordance in Hebrew and Greek. Source: openscriptures.org (https://github.com/openscriptures/strongs) License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
StrongsIndex.csv 6.1 MB DEPRECATED DUE TO MISSING DATA. Correlates Stong’s Number(s) with individual words in the KJV.
Topics.csv 1.6 MB Mashup of Nave’s Topical Bible and Torrey’s New Topical Textbook. Public Domain.
TopicIndex.csv 1.1 MB Correlates topics with each verse in the KJV.
Verses.csv 5.1 MB Full text of each verse in the 1769 Cambridge edition of the KJV.
Writers.csv 23 KB Lists authors of each book and chapter of the Bible, if known. Some writers in this file are the “best guess” for authorship.
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