The Timeline of Acts with People and Chapters

Timelines are designed to answer two basic questions: What happened? When did it happen? But, we may also want to know who was involved and to connect the event with the passage that describes it. The timeline below aligns events in the book of Acts with the associated chapters and participants. The four colored events, Paul’s missionary journeys, correspond to the map on this page showing each route. It answers the final question: “Where did these things happen?”
Connecting people, passages, and events in this way helps us investigate interesting points like:
  • How many years after his conversion did Paul (Saul) set out on his first mission trip?
  • Who accompanied Paul on his journeys?
  • The author, Luke, isn’t mentioned by name but can be found in first-person pronouns. Where was he involved in the story?
  • Which places were visited several times?
These questions and more are part of a study guide package available in the Viz.Bible store. It includes a laminated version of this timeline, a map of Paul’s journeys and the Roman Empire, plus student worksheets.